Permobil Connect User | Todd Stabelfeldt

We live in a world where connection is everything. Your chair should be no exception and now features the same level of technology that you’ve come to expect in your daily life.  

“It’s really cool to see the wheelchair industry becoming more proactive and that Permobil is leading the way.” 

- Todd Stabelfeldt

iOS Switch Control Demo

This is an excerpt of Todd Stabelfeldt’s keynote from Apple's WWDC 2017. 

GeekWire Summit: Todd Stabelfeldt, CEO, C4 Database Mgmt

Todd Stabelfeldt shares his decades-long struggle for increased independence in both his personal and professional life. An expert in applying universal design — the idea of making products and communities accessible — Stabelfeldt has found it offers autonomy, empowerment and dignity. Stabelfeldt is the founder of a successful database administration business, the husband to a retired USN Commander, a father and owner of the “Quadthedral", his family's smart home.

The QuadFather

Todd is the CEO of a technology consulting company and a prominent member of the quadriplegic community. With Siri, Switch Control, and the Home app, he can open his front door, adjust the lights in his house, and queue up a party playlist.

Apple getting kudos for smart home tech empowering people

FBN's Ashley Webster and Stuart Varney on Apple's video showing how its smart home technology can impact the lives of people with disabilities.

Smart Homes Are Game Changer for People With Disabilities

A convenience for some, new technology connecting a range of devices and appliances in smart homes is changing the lives of people who have disabilities. Todd Stabelfeldt is a complete quadriplegic who uses tech like Apple's HomeKit and Switch Control to run a business, help around the house - and perhaps most importantly to him - care for his family.

iLove Stories of Independence

An amazing insight on how technology is empowering independence.  The clip shares the positive impact on two people, how one person is sharing it with his community, and explains why one special company needs a huge “thank you” for making it possible.