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KNKX Radio Interview

“It’s no ordinary ride: Stabelfeldt has quadriplegia, and his “whip” is a tricked-out wheelchair, an F5 Permobil equipped with a tongue-operated interface for navigating and controlling devices.” 

I so enjoyed getting to know you a little bit. Listening back to and editing the audio, I'm struck again by the irrepressible force of Todd's will to live, love and succeed. Thank you for sharing your story with us.    GABRIEL SPITZER /  KNKX

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GeekWire Summit 2017 Health Tech Podcast

‘The Quadfather’ has a message for techies — accessibility ‘should not be an add-on’

On today’s show, we share Stabelfeldt’s talk from the 2017 GeekWire Summit and also sit down with him and his wife, Karen, to learn more about their life and the impact technology has had on their story.  

In pursuit of independence, Todd Stabelfeldt urges techies at GeekWire Summit: ‘Make my life real’

The message is this. When you’re building your app or website or digital device, the principal of universal design should be central to that process. That means making sure that the technology is accessible and usable for everyone whatever their age, size, ability or disability.   

Todd Stabelfeldt: Titan of Tech

Innovator Todd Stabelfeldt’s virtual fingerprints are on a host of hands-free technology, from running his business, C4 Database Management, to running his house, dubbed 'The Quadthedral'. 


Spotlight Article: Seattle Business Magazine, September 2017 Edition

Todd Stabelfeldt champions the cause of the mobility impaired.  

Dream the accessible dream: Developer pushes the boundaries of innovation in pursuit of independence

The unfolding story of the technologies enabling Todd Stabelfeldt has evolved over the decades. Dream the accessible dream shares Todd’s technological evolution from the very first technology implemented to the latest advances that have transformed the way he lives.

Innovating for people with disabilities: Why companies should invest in universal design

An exploration of how the technology industry grapples with the barriers of innovating for disabilities and has trouble embracing universal design. In support of it, included stories of Todd’s use of technologies bolster the contention that restoring independence restores dignity and hope.

Photo by Matt Hagen, Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering

TECLA User Todd's Internet Enabled Home - The Quadthedral

Assistive device company Tecla provides a snapshot of how Todd’s myriad of technologies work together in his customized home. This ranges from what technologies he uses to control his lights to automatically opening his doors and blinds.  

The QuadFather visits the CSNE

University of Washington-based Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering invited Todd to speak at a practitioner and end-user roundtable with virtual attendees from MIT. In sharing his experiences, he provided useful, unique and profound takeaways to the attending students, faculty and staff.

Apple's iOS 10, Siri & HomeKit bring accessibility to a quadriplegic man's entire home

Three Apple technologies are key to Todd’s accessibility: Switch Control, HomeKit and Siri. Todd’s implementation and user experience specifics demonstrate how designing products with disabled users in mind is in the spirit of caring.

How Technology Creates Independence: The Story of Todd Stabelfeldt

Minneapolis-based Accessible 360 shares Todd’s story of independence. In this preamble to the NBC Tech News article on Todd’s smart home, Accessible 360 embraces how inspirational Todd is in his use of tools that assist him in daily life.


A new Apple video shows an insanely cool house you can control with your voice

Business Insider shares thoughts on the video Apple shot at Todd’s home while he had a gathering of friends. The focus is on how incredibly useful the smart home technologies are with an emphasis on the specific Apple technologies used.

The iPhone setting that changed this man's life

Switch Control is the key technology explained in terms of how it enables communications and use of various apps. CNN shares various scenarios with details on how it has enables independence for Todd in many ways.